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Jack Warner & Ken Kindt Praise Pinnacle Custom Signs for achieving Early Success

November 11, 2011

Laguna Hills, CA – November 8, 2011 –  Ken Kindt, President and Founder of Signworld, and Jack Warner, Vice President of Signworld, would like to congratulate Don and Theresa Conklin of Pinnacle Custom Signs, a new Signworld operation in Buford, GA for the early success they have experienced since opening their doors a little over two months ago.

Ken Kindt says, “The Signworld business plan typically shows a ramp up period for new owners to hit their “cash-on-cash” break-even point within 6 months of opening their doors.  Don and Theresa of Pinnacle Custom Signs had extremely high expectations for their business in regards to the levels they would grow to on an annual basis.”

Recently, Don shared his experience and profitability over the last two month with Ken Kindt and Jack Werner from the corporate headquarters.  Don said, “We are profitable in our 2nd month and currently we’re on track to be profitable in month three and cover my salary!. The key is to not let up, but to push forward and book more business for the coming months.  Thank you for all your coaching and advice.  My next milestone is booking enough monthly for Theresa to quit her current job and join Pinnacle Custom Signs full-time.”

Ken Kindt added, “Don and Theresa, along with their son Matt have done an excellent job in effectively utilizing the coaching and training provided by Signworld to maximize their potential and experience success right out of the gate. They have set an example for all Signworld owners on how to utilize our training and support structure to make their business a profitable one.”

Jack Warner also praised Don and Theresa on their success. “The Signworld Corporate Staff is proud of their early success and excited for their bright future.” said Jack Warner, VP of Signworld Corporation.

Talking about recent progress that Pinnacle Custom Signs has made in the Sign industry , Ken Kindt said, “Within a very short span of time Don and Theresa have been able to gather many new customers. This is a good sign for them as well as the whole Signworld family. I am sure that they will make steady progress in future with constant support from Signworld.”

About Signworld

Signworld is a national organization with more than 250 independently owned sign companies, which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. Jack Warner and Ken Kindt lead the Top management at Signworld. It is personable, creative, rewarding and ideal for people-oriented individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage a sales and production business. Signworld affiliates are a cut above traditional sign companies. Ongoing support and training is provided along with state-of-the-art equipment. Signworld business model runs on a no royalty concept.  You can learn more about Signworld at

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