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Yahoo Small Business Questions

October 1, 2012

Yahoo has many sections which includes articles and questions about small business. They also offer different services to help businesses grow including web hosting, business email, and marketing tools.

Here is an example question that are asked.
The questions asks information about Jack Werner Signworld. When someone asks a questions, usually someone who is an expert in the field answers it.

What else does Yahoo offer? The company is also known for its search engine, directory, mail, and news. It was founded by Jerry Yang and David Flo in 1994. The main headquarter is located in Sunnyvale California and the company has around 12,000 employees. As of July 17, Marissa Mayer became the CEO and President of Yahoo.

An example article in the small business sections talks about how to find your first clients. They give few tips such as being open minded and prepared. This will make you look more professional. Another tip is that you need to know what the definition of value and price. Value is the benefit for what they paid for. Price is the cost of something.

For communication purposes, Yahoo offers Mail and Messenger. They offer unlimited storage space for their email service. For content and general articles, they ahve services called Finance, News, and Sports. You can personalize your profile to receive articles of your interest. Other features included general shopping, auto shopping, travel and real estate.

Yahoo can be a useful tool when trying to grow your business.


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