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Costa Mesa Signworld Owner Announces Grand Opening

Costa Mesa, CA – August 16th, 2013  — Focal Point Signs & Imaging in Costa Mesa, CA is one of Signworld’s newest sign companies to open its doors.  This group of dedicated Sign Makers is led by owners Cynthia Ferguson and Sandy McKenna who bring creativity and passion to the art of designing, fabricating, and installing custom made signage and digital imaging.  Focal Point Signs & Imaging is dedicated to a consultative approach when working with their clients to ensure that the right sign package is created to achieve the highest level of effectiveness.

Signworld location - Focal Point Signs - Costa Mesa, CA

Ken Kindt, President and Founder of Signworld, says of Focal Point Signs & Imaging, “We are extremely optimistic about the future for Cynthia and Sandy’s new venture.  They bring the right equation of passion, integrity and enthusiasm to this business which is necessary for any business to be successful.  Their future looks bright and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals for many years to come.”

What is Focal Point all about?

The “Sign” part of Focal Point’s name refers to their ability to make almost any sign imaginable from exquisite hand crafted lobby signs, to bold full-color exterior signs made to last.  They also refurbish, refinish, and bring back to life existing signs if it is in need of some TLC.

The “imaging” part of Focal Point’s name refers to their ability to print eye-popping photographic quality images in large format (up to 1200 dpi).  This allows the team to produce the highest quality car wraps, window decals, and vinyl lettering available anywhere today.  Their capacity in imaging is particularly effective for custom murals, wall wraps, and wall papers as well.

To get an idea of what the company culture is like, Focal Points Mission Statement is “To be a place where people want to work, and people want to do business”.  Cynthia and Sandy firmly believe in operating from a position of integrity in business and strive to go beyond customer expectations whenever possible.  This focus on superior service has been rewarded, and seems to be working, as is reflected by their 5 star rating on Yelp.

Jack Werner, V.P. of Signworld, added, “The team at Focal Point Signs and Imaging have made a lot of progress in establishing a reputation as an authority in the local sign market in a very short period of time.  I have full faith in their ability to control the project management side of this industry and provide great signage backed with amazing customer service based on Cynthia’s background as a director with and Sandy’s background as an elementary school teacher.”


3 Reasons Vehicle Wraps Can Increase Business

For the small business owner, effective advertising is usually one of the toughest hurdles to overcome and one of the most likely to be done with little thought to the necessary approach to attract the right customers.  Many small businesses tend to lean on less effective forms of advertising like direct-mailers, coupon books, phonebook listings and ads, as well as the ever-so-popular, cold-calling.  In most cases, these forms of advertising require a considerable amount of money for a small business, and in most cases have very little return.  Most of that return covers the costs of the next run of advertisements rather than putting actual money in the pocket of the business owner.

Enter the vehicle wrap…  Vehicle wraps, in their current form, began making a big impact in the business advertising world roughly 5 years ago.  Since then, the cost of materials have gone down, the graphics have gotten better, the application process has allowed for more creative applications, but more importantly the awareness of wraps by potential customers has increased immensely.  Here are a few reasons you should be employing the services of a vehicle wrap to increase the effectiveness of your business advertising.

Reason #1 – Visibility

Visibility of any form of advertisement is the key to its effectiveness.  Vehicle wraps have been proven to achieve roughly 30,000 – 70,000 visual impressions in just one day!  Better yet, according to a recent survey, 95 percent of people said that they remembered the graphics and brand identities they saw on vehicle wraps.  The greatest thing about the visibility of vehicle wraps is that there is no discrimination as far as demographic targeting is concerned.  Everyone is able to see your wrapped vehicle and brand identity through this extremely passive and highly effective form of advertising.

As we become more reliant on the use of testimonials and customer recommendations, vehicle wraps in a way become that recommendation.  If you are in need of a plumber, an HVAC tech, a roofer, etc., etc., etc., and they have a wrapped vehicle parked outside of your house or place of business, your recommendation of that business is being shouted to your neighbors without you even saying a word.  The brand identity on that wrapped vehicle will resonate with your neighbors and therefore create additional business opportunities for the service provider used.

Reason #2 – Cost

The cost of advertising through vehicle graphics has come down considerably over the past few years which have allowed smaller businesses the ability to save money on their advertising costs.  Also, for those looking to make a bigger splash with their wrapped vehicle, the lower costs of materials and installation have allowed for businesses to utilize the same budget for their graphics as in years past but receive much more in regards to design, creativity and additional graphical opportunities.


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Signworld Owner Completes Major Project for Duke University

Signworld would like to congratulate Jim Braun, Signworld Owner of Sign Resources of NC, Inc. in Kernersville, NC, for his recently completing Phase I of a project for Duke University.

The first phase of the project, which consists of three phases, included over 11,000 sq. ft. of digitally printed vinyl applied to construction walls that resemble the brick facade of Duke’s historic campus buildings.  Duke University, who is currently renovating a few of its buildings to accommodate some of its most current student and faculty needs, chose Sign Resources of NC, Inc. because of their reputation for customer service and their ability to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

The next two phases of the project are scheduled to be completed on August 15th and September 1st, respectively and will include signage to complete the renovations of the campus buildings.

Sign Resources of NC, Inc. Owner Jim Braun says of the project, “We truly enjoyed working with the university on this project.  Duke, which has a very distinct and historic look and feel to much of its campus, trusted us with the creative freedom to come up with a concept for the graphics being used.  Because of the campuses historic feel, we thought that the best thing to do was to make the construction walls appear as the rest of the well-known stone facade seen around much of the campus.  We took a number of photos and our team went to work generating the artwork to be used.  We trust based on the universities reaction that we had done them proud and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Ken Kindt, President of Signworld, added, “The hard work and willingness of our ownership group to go after larger customers like Jim has done with Duke University never ceases to amaze us.  We are extremely proud of the accomplishments achieved by the team at Sign Resources of NC, Inc.”

“Jim Braun and the staff at Sign Resources of NC, Inc. exemplifies the true qualities that we emphasize with our owners as they go through not only the new training programs but also our on-going training sessions.  Some of those include; the ability to provide amazing customer service, the courage to go after the larger projects and more importantly the ability to go after the larger customers.  Jim’s work with Duke University ranks up there with some of the projects we have seen from other Signworld owners who have worked with larger customers such as; McDonald’s, Costco, Titleist Golf, PepsiCo, Subway as well as many other national and worldwide brands.”, added Jack Werner, V.P of Signworld.

Jack Werner Signworld in conversation with Don Conklin, Owner Pinnacle Custom Signs

Jack Werner, VP of Signworld talks to Don Conklin, Owner Pinnacle Custom Signs. In this video, Don, who attended the 25 Signworld Business Convention in Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, tells how Signworld business opportunity & business model has helped him run his sign business for 3 successful years and still counting. To know more about Signworld, please visit –

Jack Werner Signworld talks to Tim Howard, Owner Prismatic Signs

Jack Werner, VP of Signworld talks to Tim Howard, Owner Prismatic Signs. In this video, Tim, who attended the 25 Signworld Business Convention in Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, tells how Signworld business opportunity & business model has helped him run his sign business for 22 successful years and still counting. To know more about Signworld, please visit –

Jack Werner in Conversation with Signworld Owner Bill Blalock

Jack Werner in Conversation with Signworld Owner Bill Blalock

Jack Werner talks to Signworld Owner Bill Blalock asking him about his experience of being a valuable member of Signworld Family. Bill Blalock says that the technical support and contact network provided by Signworld has helped him a lot to expand foothold in the Sign industry.  To know more about Signworld, please visit –

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Compelling Signs Wins National Vehicle Wrap Design Award!

Compelling Signs, manufactures and installers of signage nationwide and a specialist in exterior, interior, trade show, events, vehicle graphics and dynamic digital video, has been declared a winner for its vehicle wrap designs national contest focusing on vehicle wrap design.

“We are honoured by this recognition as it comes from people who are experts in vehicle branding and advertising,” says the company’s president, Mike Bothwell.

“To be so recognised by one’s peers as the top vehicle wrap designer company makes us proud. We must have been doing something right, and that speaks our designers’ attention to details and deliver of quality work,” adds Mike, who is always pleased every time he sees his clients’ vehicles, creatively wrapped in one of their creative designs drive more business to their customers.”

Noting that clients often get more bang-for-the-buck from the Compelling Signs vehicle wraps and fleet graphics.

Ken Kindt, President of Signworld says,” What makes Mike stand apart from other providers is his ability to think out of the box and create unique designs. He has always delivered more than what the customer is expecting.”

Jack Werner, Executive VP of Signworld says, “Our heartiest congratulations to Mike and his team on winning this prestigious award. It is a stupendous achievement.”

“Any business owner or fleet manager who wants to drive more business to their door or wants more value for their advertising dollar ought to seriously consider getting their vehicles wrapped in a killer design that will wow onlookers, particularly potential clients,” argues Miller, who has been recognized nationally for his leadership, creativity, project management and collaboration with other business owners.

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